Easy Guide to Trimmer Maintenance


Your beard is a masterpiece, so you shouldn’t trim your beard with anything less-than-stellar device. Your trimmer is essential to maintaining your stunning man-mane, so you must care for it correctly. A high-quality professional cordless trimmer should last years if you treat it right. In this blog, we’ll give you an easy guide to trimmer maintenance.

How To Clean A Hair Trimmer

How To Clean Hair Trimmer
1. Maintain the Blades Slick

You might have been excited about unboxing your new trimmer to see specifically what was in the package, or perhaps you thought we messed up and accidentally included some of those fancy beard oils. However, there’s a purpose behind that little container of oil included with each trimmer, and that’s to oil your blades.

You ought to oil your trimmer frequently to make sure it works properly. When you use your trimmer without fueling oil to the blades, you may discover it overheating, making a loud noise, or not cutting as it should.

For the finest results, put one to two drops of oil on the blades about once a month or as instructed. To correctly oil the blades. Activate your trimmer and hold it with the blades facing down.

While the trimmer is on, squeeze three drops of oil throughout the front of the blade, as well as on each side of the blade heel. Wait about 5 seconds, turn your trimmer off, then wipe away any excess with a soft towel.

Do not over oil as this can trigger damage to the trimmer’s electric motor.

After each use, tidy your trimmer with the included brush or remove the head, wash it with water, and afterward allow it to air dry completely.

2. Out with the Dull, In with the Sharp

Just like a lot of the products in your refrigerator, your trimmer blades have an expiration date. When your clipper blades are dull, it can hurt that lovely beard. Your trimmer blades need to last you years before requiring replacement.

When the time comes, you might see your trimmer’s blades have rusted, or they might even start pulling your hair. This means it’s time for new blades.

Dull blades pluck your hair instead of cutting it, leaving your beard uneven, unmanageable, and unfavorable. So, it’s best to get a clipper blade sharpening service to ensure the finest cut.

3. Travel with Care

We’ve already talked about how important beard treatment is while vacationing, so obviously, you wouldn’t forget your trimmer in the house while you take a trip, right? That is why we offer a variety of products like our cordless trimmer, making it super easy on the go.

Upon arrival at your destination, as we mentioned before, ensure your trimmer is fully charged to ensure amazing results during your trimming session.

4. Complete Cleaning for Best Results

Stay clear of that half-beard trim by fully cleaning your trimmer before use. To keep the battery functioning to its full potential, charge your trimmer every single time you connect it.

Plugging your trimmer occasionally for a few minutes is the equivalent of taking a shot of espresso– great at the moment, but you can expect a crash later on in the day.

Before attempting to cut your hair, make certain your trimmer is fully charged to ensure it’s functioning to its optimum capability. Following these tips will certainly guarantee your trimmer remains in good shape!

Which Trimmer Is Best For Body Hair?

Which Trimmer Is Best For Body Hair
When it comes to body hair, finding the right trimmer is key. Whether you’re looking for a tool to help manage chest and back hair or one that can be used on more sensitive areas like the belt line, there are certain features to look for to get the best results.

The first thing to consider when choosing a trimmer is its power capabilities. Look for one with adjustable cutting lengths between different hair lengths depending on your desired look.

The blades should also be made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel or titanium to ensure a precise and safe trim.

Another important feature is the ergonomic design of the trimmer, which will make it easier and more comfortable to use, especially when reaching difficult areas like sensitive areas.

Can A Hair Trimmer Cut You?

Can A Hair Trimmer Cut You
It’s a question many of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. Can a hair trimmer cut you? The answer is, unfortunately, yes. Although not as sharp as scissors, hair trimmers can cause serious cuts if used incorrectly. It’s important to take extra caution when using any hair-cutting tool.

A good rule of thumb is to never use the same blade on different parts of your body and always ensure the blades are clean before each use. It’s also important to properly sharpen or replace dull blades regularly and be aware that some metal combs may become sharp with extended use.

Additionally, read the instruction manual before using any electrical device and always unplug it after each use for safety reasons.

Can You Fade Hair With A Beard Trimmer

Beard trimmers are a popular tool men use to groom and style their facial hair. But did you know that a beard trimmer can also fade your hair? Fading your hair at home is an easy way to maintain the shape of your hairstyle and save time and money.

Fading your hair at home with a beard trimmer involves cutting the sides and back of the head shorter than on top. This creates a gradual transition from shorter lengths down to longer lengths, which gives it more dimension as well as provides an overall neat look.

To achieve this effect, it is important to use the right tools for the job, specific clippers or beard trimmers with adjustable guards. With adjustable guards, users can quickly adjust how short they want their hair cut without switching out different-sized guards. These types of clippers can be found at your local barber supply store.