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Wahl in Las Vegas has been a long-standing company for all things grooming. Both barbers and hairdressers have trusted the Wahl brand for over 100 years. Now, this legacy brand’s products are available at Vegas Barber Supplies! We’re the official distributor of Wahl products in Las Vegas.

We’ll provide you with reduced pricing on wholesale orders for those looking to stock up on their favorite products in bulk. Vegas Barber Supplies carries everything from Wahl clippers, trimmers, foil shavers, replacement parts, and more! Contact us to see our collection.

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Barber Tool & Accessory Maintenance For Wahl Products

Vegas Barber Supplies offers clipper repair, zero gapping, and sharpening services for all Wahl products. Clipper zero gapping is a technique used to modify the cutting blade of the clippers. This modification allows for a closer cut, almost to the point of shaving.

Sharpening services allows for the finest and most precise cut. Over time, the razors on the clipper can get dull and dirty due to normal wear and tear use. However, with sharpening services, you can entrust that your Wahl clippers, trimmers, and razors are in good shape!

Must-Have Wahl Clippers & Trimmers


Cordless Magic Clip Hair Clipper


Legend Cordless Clipper


Senior Premium Clipper


Detailer Trimmer

Durability & Precision With Wahl Products

The Magic Clip Hair Cordless Clipper is the best clipper money can buy in the Wahl brand. This lightweight clipper features the patented stagger-tooth blade, designed for creating seamless blends during hard or soft line fading. It also has a run-time of 100+ minutes of non-stop usage.

The Wahl Detailer Trimmer is also an affordable option to maintain your beard and hairline for when you’re not at the barbershop. It’s perfect for quick and easy touch-ups, not only for yourself but also for the client! This trimmer features an adjustable T-wide blade for extremely close trimming.


Step Up Your Barber Game With Wahl Accessories


Shaver Sharper


19 Hot Lather Machine


Professional Aluminum Spray Bottle


Wahl Professional Power Station


Maintain Your Style With Wahl Barber Products

The Wahl Shaver Sharper Foil Cutter is perfect for getting the closest cut possible for fades and tapers. It removes the tiny hairs on the scalp that a trimmer or clipper can’t reach. Best of all, this foil cutter also comes with readily available parts in case you need to replace components!

For those wanting to charge their Wahl cordless clippers, then use the Wahl Professional Power Station. It has 3 different charging ports to keep your clippers ready whenever you need them! The Wahl Professional Power Station is compatible with all Wahl clippers, foil shavers, and trimmers.

Made in Las Vegas Engraving

Our products are not only handmade in the USA, but Made In Las Vegas

We believe in supporting local businesses, that's why all of our products are handmade right here in Las Vegas so you can support local too. 

Made in Las Vegas Engraving

Our products are not only handmade in the USA, but Made In Las Vegas

We believe in supporting local businesses, that's why all of our products are handmade right here in Las Vegas so you can support local too. 

Shop Wahl Products in Las Vegas

If you’re on the hunt for top-quality barber supplies in Las Vegas, look no further than Vegas Barber Supplies! We’ve been the leading supplier of Wahl products in Las Vegas for years. We carry all types of Wahl products to keep your grooming arsenal up to par with your competitors.

Vegas Barber Supplies can also provide you with reduced pricing on all your favorite Wahl products for wholesale orders. So, the more you stock up, the more green you save! Visit us today to shop Wahl products in Las Vegas.


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