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Expect style, comfort, and performance from Utsumi Las Vegas. Utsumi is known for its barber shears, combs, brushes, and apparel that take anyone’s grooming game to the next level. With over 40 years in the barber industry, it’s no wonder they’ve become a popular choice among barbers and hairdressers.

What sets Utsumi apart from other companies is its attention to detail and dedication to making every product up to industry standards. Whether you’re a professional or love to cut your own hair, you’ll notice a big difference using Utsumi. Visit Vegas Barber Supplies to shop some of the best products from Utsumi in Las Vegas!

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Utsumi Products Delivered To Your Doorstep

Vegas Barber Supplies provides FREE delivery on orders $50+ or more. Best of all, we also provide wholesale discounts for large orders. Nothing beats the convenience of getting your favorite Utsumi products delivered right to your door or barbershop.

Our barber supplies store carries Utsumi and other popular barber brands to keep yourself and your client styled. Vegas Barber Supplies also provides clipper repair and shears sharpening on Utsumi products and other brands. Making sure that your shears or clippers last longer than their lifespan is our priority.

Popular Utsumi Cutting Combs & Brushes


Utsumi Barber Flat Top Comb 299


Utsumi Fade Brush C453


Utsumi Barber Cutting Comb 123


Utsumi Barber Taper Comb 212

Stay Styled With Utsumi Brushes & Combs

Looking for something that’ll help with your hair styling and cutting? The Utsumi Barber Cutting Comb 123 is the right choice for you. This cutting comb can be used to trim your hair down to 1 – 3 with your clipper guards. This cutting comb is also very easy to use and manageable.

If you’re looking to make your taper precise and crisp, then the Utsumi Barber Taper Comb 212 is the right choice! You can easily use it on yourself or a client and get the best taper results possible. Utsumi specializes in all things precision cutting!

Stay Styled With Utsumi Brushes & Combs

Must-Have Utsumi Barber Shears




New KT Thinner


Nova Set


BW Thinner

Shears Sharpening Services For Utsumi Shears

Shears Sharpening Services For Utsumi Shears

Vegas Barber Supplies offers shears sharpening for Utsumi Shears! The shears made by this company are unlike any other. All Utsumi shears are handmade with precision, perfection, and performance in mind. Each and every shear is developed by the master iron and shear smiths at Utsumi, so it’s very easy to use and high quality.

While Utsumi shears don’t require sharpening as often, they still require maintenance from time to time. Vegas Barber Supplies is one of the few experienced sharpening craftsmen to work on Utsumi shears. Trust us for all your shears sharpening needs.

Made in Las Vegas Engraving

Our products are not only handmade in the USA, but Made In Las Vegas

We believe in supporting local businesses, that's why all of our products are handmade right here in Las Vegas so you can support local too. 

Shop For Utsumi Products Las Vegas

Are you in need of high-quality Utsumi barber products in Las Vegas? Look no further than Vegas Barber Supplies! With a strong reputation for excellence, we offer an extensive range of professional grooming tools and accessories that are perfect for barbers, hairstylists, and enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re looking for top-of-the-line shears, razors, combs, or brushes, Vegas Barber Supplies has got you covered. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the best tools available on the market. Stock up on your favorite barber brands like Utsumi and more.

Shears Sharpening Services For Utsumi Shears

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