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Gamma+ is revolutionizing the hair care and grooming world as we know it! Gamma+ is known for its high-quality hair clippers, trimmers, hair dryers, styling irons, and hair grooming products. From cord to cordless clippers, you can get a premium clipper from Gamma+ that fits your style, budget, and needs.

Shop some of the finest collection of Gamma+ products in Las Vegas by visiting Vegas Barber Supplies. We’re your one-stop shop for all things barber tools, accessories, and barber tool repair services. We can help you whether you need recommendations for a new Gamma+ tool or anything in between!

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Are Gamma+ and Stylecraft the Same Company?

Anyone in the barber and hairdresser industry has seen Gamma+ and Stylecraft logos on the same product. However, is there a difference between Gamma+ and Styclecraft? No, there isn’t a difference between Stylecraft and Gamma+. Both brands fall under the same company that releases different colorways of the same products.

Vegas Barber Supplies carries the finest collection of Gamma+ products. We can even provide you with reduced pricing on wholesale orders for anyone looking to stock up on their favorite products from Gamma+.

Gamma+ Products For Barbers


Boosted Clipper


X-Ergo Clipper


Power Cruiser Trimmer


Uno Single Foil Shaver

Experience Precision & Power with Gamma+

When it comes to precision and power, you can rely on Gamma+ trimmers and clippers for all your hair grooming needs. The Gamma+ Boosted Cordless Clipper has a 3-hour run time on a single charge. It also features 3 customizable levers to get your cut right and precise!

The Gamma+ Boosted Power Cruiser Trimmer offers high performance for half the cost! It’s designed with a 7,000 strokes per minute motor that gives you the finest cut possible. This trimmer is perfect for anyone wanting at-home hairline maintenance without sacrificing barbershop quality!

boosted gamma plus clipper

Gamma+ Accessories For Hairdressers


Relax Silent


Absolute Delicate Hair Removal Personal Tool


Uno Single Foil Shaver


Nano Mister Spray System

Effortless Styling with Gamma Plus

Upgrade Your Hair Care Routine with Gamma+

Tired of your old hair dryer? Upgrade your hair care routine with Gamma+! They have a variety of hairdryers that dries, styles, and maintains any hairstyle. Gamma+ specializes in all things hairdryers to give the user power over their look. With multiple speed and heat settings, Gamma+ can be found in any hairdresser’s collection.

For anyone looking for grooming accessories for sensitive areas of the body, then look no further than the Absolute Delicate Hair Removal Personal Tool. It’s designed to remove any hair from the lips, underarms, and bikini line without damaging your skin. It’s perfect for at-home hair grooming.

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Our products are not only handmade in the USA, but Made In Las Vegas

We believe in supporting local businesses, that's why all of our products are handmade right here in Las Vegas so you can support local too. 

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Is your Gamma+ hair clipper or trimmer broken? Vegas Barber Supplies can help. We offer clipper repair, zero gapping, sharpening services, and other maintenance services for Gamma+ products. We want to make sure your barber tool works flawlessly for years to come!

Vegas Barber Supplies also carries a huge selection of Gamma+ products in Las Vegas. You find anything for your style and budget. Whether you want a cord or cordless clipper/trimmer, we have it! Contact us today to see how we can get you started on the Gamma+ lifestyle.

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