How to Care for your New Beard

How to Care for your New Beard

Beard Care 101: Essential Tips for Maintaining a Healthy and Stylish Beard

Growing an excellent beard is something to be proud of. But the hard work does not end once your preferred length or style has been achieved. After growth comes maintenance. Here’s what we think, you need to know about taking care of your new beard. If you ask us!

Beard Oil

If you have not already tried beard oil, then it’s time to get with the program: It not only works with the hairs themselves, it also nourishes the skin underneath your facial hair, hydrating and protecting your skin. Try to find oils like jojoba, argan, or moringa for your whiskers. (Avoid coconut oil– it can obstruct your pores.) Some oils are unscented, which may be less irritating on your skin. Try one of our favorites from Buy Barber Premium Beard Oil

Scrub the skin underneath

Beard dandruff is real, and it’s … not exactly something you want to have; the best way to prevent this is by exfoliating. So, make sure you stock up on scrub or a good chemical exfoliant.

For best results, exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times weekly to get rid of dead skin cells and maintain stronger, healthier skin at the surface area. It makes it easier for healthy cells to absorb appropriate nutrients, especially during chilly, dry months.

Create some definition

Your beard requires a border, regardless of the length. Remove hairs from your neck, as well as those strays on your cheek. This will ensure you have a well-groomed-looking beard at all times.

Cut it frequently

As soon as you have your beard at its desired length, it’s easy to maintain it there. Measure it with a ruler, then pick a guard just a little shorter than that. Utilizing your beard trimmer for best results, try our Kustom Klippers Cordless Trimmer. Glide over everything with the appropriate guard while maintaining the neck as well as cheeks tidy.

Keep it clean

Get into a daily routine of using a face cleanser on your beard; although it might make your hair a bit dry, it is important to consider that they function well in unclogging pores and help avoid breakouts underneath your beard. Try one of our top sellers – Face and Beard Seaweed Charcol Bar for truly amazing results!

Fight frizz with a soothing balm

Even short beards have bad hair days, crimping out in all directions. Nevertheless, it’s not always a good idea to snip away the roaming hairs, especially if you have a naturally uneven beard and are looking for all the volume you can get.  Beard oil can often tame hairs right into location, but it usually does little to lock them in. That’s where beard balms come in. Not only do they nourish the hair with components like shea butter as well as calming oils, but balms additionally aid the hairs to go where you desire them. Here is another one of our favorite beard balms for you to try Uppercut Beard Balm. It is sure to keep your beard looking on point all day long.