Barber Spotlight

Barber Spotlight Monthly Featured Barbers & Raffle Winners

Monthly Featured Barbers & Raffle Winners

It’s Vegas Barber Supplies’ Barber Spotlight! Each month we highlight one barber and showcase their amazing craftsmanship. The barber star we showcase also wins a high-quality barber clipper prize from Vegas Barber Supplies.

Our Recent Raffle Winners

Delano Prince

Delano Prince

Luis Soto

Luis Soto

Rajeev Bryant

Rajeev Bryantt

Jenyffer Cisco

Steve Peters

Steve Peters

Christian Tapia

Christian Tapia

Tristan Davis


Autumn Harris

barber Depot Raffle Winner - Autumn Harris

Estevan Paz

Estevan Paz @hueso.cutz

Francisco Aguirre/ Sofia Ali


Alejandro Gonzales Sánchez


Bernie Tompong

Bernie Tompong @bernietompong

Chris Linares  

Chris Linares Barber

Maurice Cooper

Benjamin Blendz  

benjamin blendz

Eddie the Barber

Eddie the Barber

Shinny the Barber

Shinny the Barber
XY Male Barbershopp
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