How to Get Your Clippers Barber Sharp

How to Get Your Clippers Barber Sharp

You may be wondering what the best way is to get your Barber clippers sharp and back to industry standards. This article will give you good advice on how to get the most out of your clipper sharpness by telling you the best way to keep them in top condition.

It’s no secret that a dull blade can cause not just frustration but can be dangerous when in inexperienced hands. It is, however, surprisingly easy to avoid this problem and keep an edge on your blades.

Make Sure Your Clippers Are Lubricated

Make sure when using your clippers, especially if they are new or recently serviced, that they are lubricated correctly before starting work with them. You should also wipe any excess oil off before putting them away again so they do not accidentally attract dust particles that might become embedded in the blade itself.

The more often you use your clippers, the more you need to re-lubricate. If the blades become too hot when in use, they may not require oiling, but it is important that if they do, then the lubricant should be at room temperature and remain so, never becoming too warm or hot.

If this happens, your clippers will cause discomfort when in near contact with skin and lead to potential injury. Your clipper’s gears can also overheat if not used often enough, affecting their effectiveness.

There are several oils available on the market. Which work well for maintaining your clippers and offering high-quality results, but make sure that whatever you decide on is suitable for your type of machine; otherwise, it could be a potentially dangerous combination.

Maintain Your Clippers

It is important that you know how to maintain your clippers correctly. If you are to get the best possible results, especially when finishing work. For example, you should always brush away loose hairs where they can otherwise get caught up in the blade and cause blockages. This also helps ensure your blades do not damage or pull on the hair.

You will also need to replace the attachments and combs regularly. These will become gunked up with hair and other particles after prolonged use, which harms performance and causes safety issues regarding cleanliness and hygiene.

To avoid this problem, replace attachments when it becomes apparent that they require attention and oil them before use. If you are unsure about how to oil attachments safely, then ask your supplier or manufacturer for advice.

Don’t Muscle Dull Clippers

One final way of keeping your blades sharp is to use them often. But never push through with constant pressure, as this will dull the edges after a short period.

For example, when using clippers on longer hair. It may be necessary to cut small sections at a time and then release the hair before repeating the section. Finally, all the hair is removed.

Never apply any more pressure than what is required. Otherwise, you will not achieve an even result and risk damaging your and your client’s skin. If applying too much unnecessary force onto delicate areas, such as near the neckline.

Get Your Clipper Blades Sharpened at Barber Depot

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