How to Get the Closest Cut in Vegas

How to get the closest hair cut in las vegas

Closest Cut in Vegas in Two Steps

There are a few steps to take if you want to be able to provide your clients with the closest cut in Vegas. Here at Barber Depot, we pride ourselves on providing barbers in Vegas with the best tools and services they need to get the job done. Here are two steps to help your clients get the closest cut in Las Vegas.

Step 1: Buy the Right Clippers

The most important step is to buy the right clippers! A good pair of clippers can last you years, so it’s important to get the right one. To begin, look at the blades. What type of blade do you need? Second, determine your price range. If you’re working in Las Vegas as a barber, there’s no reason to spend thousands of dollars on an extremely expensive set of scissors or professional hair clippers. There are many great pairs in the $100-$150 range; Barber Depot has some very high-quality ones in this price range. Third, think about how much use you’ll get out of it. If you’re an experienced barber, you can tell how often it will come in contact with hair and what kind of environment it will work under (inside vs. outside).

Step 2: Zero-Gap Your Clippers

The second step is to zero-gap your clippers. This lets you get the blades as close as possible, enabling you to get super close to your client’s skin. There are pluses and minuses when it comes to zero-gapping your clippers.

What is Zero-Gapping?

Zero-gapping refers to making the space between the blades on your clippers smaller. This allows you to get a lot closer than if the blades were widened. This enables you to cut hairs that are just above the skin.

Why You Should Zero Gap Your Clippers

There are several reasons why you should zero-gap your clippers before using them. First, zero-gapped clippers give you greater versatility when cutting different types of hair because they will be able to cut through even very thick or coarse hair with ease. Second, with closer blade spacing, you can get a very close cut – especially around the nape area. Third, zero-gapping gives you greater control over the blade when cutting because there are fewer gaps between it and the actual blade. This will allow you to see what you are doing while cutting your hair.

Why You Should Not Zero Gap Your Clippers

The reason that most barbers do not zero-gap their clippers is that it is easier to make mistakes and possibly injure your client. If your desired outcome is just a regular old haircut, this will not be an issue for you! It’s usually best to use standard blades if that’s the case because the wider spacing makes it easier to navigate through hair without taking too much off or making mistakes.