How to Get More Clients as a Barber

How to get more clients as a barber

As Barber’s, the one thing always on our minds is how to get more clients. How do we keep our clients but also bring in new people? We do all the social media to gain clientele, and that’s great and fine, but sometimes we need a little extra. Don’t worry. We have your back. Here are a few things you can do to help get clients as a Barber!

Get More Clients as a Barber with Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get new clients as a Barber. If you’re a Barber who is good at your profession, give your clients an incentive to drop your name here and there when another person is asking about their haircut. This is an easy way to get more clients as a Barber. Word of mouth is the typical don’t fix what’s not broken.

The cheapest way to get your name out there is to bring in new clients. Word of mouth also creates loyalty. Loyalty in the Barber industry is essential if you want new and current clients to keep coming back to you for your services. Word of mouth also doesn’t have a strategy to it. Over 50% of decisions people make are because of word of mouth.

Social Media Assists in Getting More Clients as a Barber

Social media helps, in general, to gain more clients as a Barber. With social media, you have the ability to document your talents as a Barber with your social media platforms. When you can show your talents as a professional Barber, you can showcase what you are capable of. Consistently interact with your followers through social media, and you will see that you gain followers as a Barber. This will help you to get new clients as well when your followers like the cuts that you do.

Engagement with your social media platforms is huge because you want to be able to answer any questions a potential client may have. To get more clients as a Barber with social media, you can also do giveaways. A giveaway, in this case, could be a free popular hair product, a free haircut, or a free hairbrush. A giveaway doesn’t need to be huge, either. Giveaways are traditionally used as a thank you to your followers or, in this case, your current and new clients.

Business Cards Assist to Gain More Clients as a Barber

Business cards are an excellent way to gain more clients as a Barber. So many things can be done with business cards. They are perfect to put with receipts after a client has paid for a haircut. They can also be used as discount cards. New clients with a business card can get a discount for coming to you for their cut for the first time.

Business cards are a great way to talk about your profession. When explaining where you work as a Barber, a business card will have all the information you want a prospective client to have. Business cards are easy to distribute and display, especially if there’s ever an event. Business cards are also a very affordable way to promote yourself can get more clients as a Barber.

Promote yourself as a Barber to get more clients

As a Barber promoting yourself should be relatively self-explanatory. When promoting yourself as a Barber, you want to promote what you want your new clients to know about you. Are you a good Barber? Reliable? Passionate about what you do?

To get more clients as a Barber, you want to provide a unique service, whether a relaxing massage during the shampoo process or making small talk about getting to know your clients. It could be a freebie like a beard trim or a free product sample.

The goal is to make each client feel special, appreciated, and valued. Any of the mentioned recommendations above can help to get more clients as a Barber.