Complete Guide To Becoming A Barber

Complete Guide To Becoming A Barber

If you’ve been cutting your own hair since quarantine then you’ve probably learned a thing or two about cutting hair. Barbers are in high demand ever since the world shutdown. In order to become a barber then you need to have a few qualifications. We’ll be going over the complete guide to becoming a barber in Nevada.

Step By Step To Becoming A Barber

The first step in the complete guide to becoming a barber is to have a GED or high school diploma. After that, you will need to apply for a barber training program to get the process started. Barber schools will give you the training needed to become a barber. These schools can be costly depending on where you go. Be sure to educate yourself on the profession before fully embracing the career.

1. Complete 1500 Hours Of Training

In Nevada, you’ll need to complete at least 1500 hours of training to finish barber school. The number of hours gets broken down by subject and theory that is being taught. Science of barbering, salesmanship, barber management, scalp treatments, haircuts, shaves and more are all topics covered during training. No matter the number of hours learned you will need to follow Nevada Barber’s Health and Sanitation Board requirements that are set by the state and school. After your 1500 hours are completed then you will need to apply for an apprenticeship. Note, applying for an apprenticeship has a fee attached to it.

2. Complete 18 Months Of Apprenticeship

After completing 1500 hours of training then more apprenticeship is required. Nevada requires at least 18 months of apprenticeship under the direct supervision of a licensed barber. In order to get that supervision, you will need to find a licensed barber and barbershop willing to take you in. During those months many will get the “real-world experience” that many are looking for. Different types of haircuts, shaves and styles will be covered when working with clients. Once the 18 months are completed then you can take the barber exam. There will be a total of two exams taken immediately after completing the apprenticeship.

3. Pass The Barber Exams

A total of two exams are needed to become a licensed barber. One will be a practical exam and the other will be a written & multiple-choice exam. The exam is offered four times a year in March, June, August or September and December. It must be completed immediately after finishing the apprenticeship. In the practical exam, you will need to showcase the skills you’ve learned throughout your internships. You can bring your own living model along with the supplies needed to complete the haircut. The model must have three and a half inches of hair to meet the requirements.

In the written & multiple-choice exam you must complete 45 questions and 5 oral questions within one hour. Barber history, elementary chemistry, disinfectants and other theories will be covered in the exam. In order to become licensed, you will need to get at least a 75% in both the written and practical exams. The results from your examination will be mailed to you within 10 days.

4. Begin Working As A Barber

For almost two years you’ve been grinding hard to become a licensed barber and now you’ve finished. After you submit your applications to become a licensed barber then it’s time to work professionally without supervision. It all depends on where you want to go in life! Whether you want to open your own barbershop or work one full-time it all depends on you. After following this complete guide to becoming a barber then you’ll be considered a master of the game.

Getting Barber Supplies

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