Benefits of Traditional Shaving Blades

Benefits of traditional shaving blades

Have you begun to feel that your disposable shaving blades are beginning to fail you? They do not give as close a shave, they give you cuts, and they make a mess of your bathroom sink. You might consider switching to traditional shaving blades but are unsure why you would need to switch over when the disposable ones work very well for you. We’re going to tell you some of the reasons you should switch from your trusted disposable blades to the traditional ones.

Traditional Blades are Sharper

They are a lot sharper, which will give you a closer shave. This is because the traditional blade has been honed and cut down to expose more of its metal edge compared with the disposable one that has been dulled by being worn against another surface repeatedly in order to get it sharp enough. You can also buy new blades for your razor so you don’t have to worry about how many shaves you will get out of one blade.

They are Better for Your Skin

Disposable razors will often leave behind a lot of cuts and scrapes on your face. You can avoid this with traditional blades because the blade is sharper, which creates less drag on your skin.

Traditional blades are also thought of by many people to give their skin more protection since you do not have to go over the same area as many times as with a disposable. This means you won’t end up burning or irritating yourself while shaving.

They Can Be Much Cheaper

Traditional blades can be much cheaper. Disposable razors are expensive; if you have a big family, they will quickly become expensive. Compare the price difference:

– Traditional blades are cheaper. They can cost anywhere from $0.25 to over $0.50 a blade, but the average price is about $0.35 per blade.

– Disposable razor’s prices vary depending on where you purchase them and what kind of refill package they come with, but for six refills, it will likely be close to or exceed $50.

The traditional razor blades do not need to be replaced as often because they are a lot sharper and do not become dull as quickly.

Traditional Blades are Environment Friendly

Traditional blades are a lot more environmentally friendly than disposable ones. Disposable razors must be discarded after a few uses, which means they’re going into landfills and polluting our planet. Traditional shaving does not create as much waste because it cuts down on plastic. A traditional razor can last from three months up to five months!

They Make Shaving More Fun

With traditional razors, when it comes time to shave, you’ll love the experience. This makes shaving more fun and something you’ll look forward to.

Buy Traditional Blades at Barber Depot

If you’re ready for a better shaving experience, then we highly recommend investing in some quality blades that are going to last much longer than those disposables. You can find high-quality blades right here at Barber Depot. There is no reason not to make the switch today!