5 Myths of Being a Barber

5 Myths of Being a Barber

Myth #1: Barbers aren’t skilled because they use clippers, but stylists make the best haircutters because they use shears.

One of the most common misconceptions about barbers is that they are not skilled because they use clippers, but stylists make the best haircutters because they use shears. In reality, there are a lot of other factors that determine whether or not someone is a good haircutter.

Barbers do not simply rely on clippers to provide haircuts; they also use razors, shears, and other tools to cut your hair. Barbers can be very skilled at using shears if they want to be; in fact, many barbers specialize in hairstyles that require scissors instead of clippers.

Professional barbers cannot only provide excellent haircuts using clippers or shears: but they can also provide other grooming services like shaving, styling, and coloring.

Myth #2: Stylists are better at cutting men’s hair than barbers.

This is a complicated one. In general, stylists are better at cutting women’s hair than men’s (with some exceptions). Barbers are better at cutting men’s hair than stylists. Stylists are better at styling women’s hair than men’s. Barbers are better at styling men’s hair than stylists (with some exceptions).

So… the answer to this is both yes and no!

Myth #3: Barbers do not wash or style hair.

This myth is no doubt perpetuated by the “guy” barbershops of the past. Think of your favorite ’70s show or any movie with a scene in a small-town barbershop (or an old-school New York City one). There’s often an older man—sometimes white-haired and wearing suspenders—who doesn’t say much. The myth is that he just cuts hair, and that’s it, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Barbers are skilled at washing and styling hair. They can cut men’s hair in a wide variety of styles, both fresh and classic: buzz cuts, fades, undercuts, crops, etc., as well as longer styles for those who want something more on the feminine side (yes, women get their hair cut by barbers too!). They can also apply various beard treatments to tame unruly facial hair.

Myth #4: The idea that a barber is only an uneducated man’s job.

The idea that a barber is only an uneducated man’s job is a common misconception. So many people don’t realize that the barbering trade has existed for centuries and offers high earning potential without the commitment to school or licensing requirements like other industries.

Did you know that barbers can attend full-time or part-time barber school and learn everything they need to become skilled professionals? Of course, there are also plenty of great resources for educating yourself on your own time (like this one). Barbering schools make it easy to learn the skills you need by providing textbooks and videos, along with hands-on experience in their on-campus shops. After completing their education at these schools, most graduates receive a certification that qualifies them to practice.

On the other hand, many states allow you to become a licensed barber without formal education – as long as you have someone willing to sponsor your apprenticeship! As long as you are passionate about men’s grooming and eager to learn, you can start working in this industry immediately!

Myth #5: Barbers don’t go to school to cut hair

  • You’re expected to have learned cutting, styling, and how to use clippers and shears.
  • In your training, you should be prepared to cut the following:
  • Dry-cut (hair is dry).
  • Wet-cut (hair is wet).
  • Blowouts.
  • Dyeing and coloring.
  • Straightening hair using irons.

Barbers have a lot of knowledge and skill to offer!

It might be surprising, but most people don’t know the difference between a barber and a hairstylist. The biggest difference is that not every barber or hairstylist can cut every hair type. Hairstylists generally focus on longer hair, while barbers are adept at cutting short- and medium-length styles.

In any case, you should know that your barber has plenty of skills and education. So when it comes time for them to use their scissors on your head, you know they’ve got it handled!